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Intro to StarSkate

Intro To StarSkate

STAR stands for Skills, Tests, Achievements, and Recognition. The STARSkate program offers opportunities for skaters to develop their figure skating skills through testing and competing. The Skate Canada STARSkate Program is often the next step after CanSkate for the skater who is interested in continuing to improve their skating ability.

P.H.F.S.C. is excited to offer the Introduction to STARSkate Program. It is a bridging program to ease the transition between the CanSkate and STARSkate or Competitive Programs.

The Intro Program provides an introduction to the specific skills of figure skating and runs in conjunction with CANSkate, helping to prepare the young skater for the independent practice that figure skating requires. Group lessons are offered and there is a significant increase in ice usage.

This Program is intended for skaters who have completed the Stage 3 badge, but not yet passed a Preliminary Test. The program runs for 1 hour and consists of a 40 minute group lesson with a professional coach and 20 minutes of independent work time. Skaters may also choose to hire a private coach to supplement their group lessons, lessons are usually given during the skaters independent work time. The cost for private lessons is over-and-above the cost of registration and is paid directly to the coach.

Looking to hire a coach for your child?  Be sure to read Hiring a Private Coach FAQs

Please note: ALL children on the ice are required to wear a helmet until they have successfully PASSED Badge 5. All children must have passed Badge 5, no exceptions.  For more information on StarSkate program structure, be sure to visit Skate Canada.